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Bright Star Clean is your go-to partner for pristine and professional cleaning services in the heart of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. At Bright Star Clean, we believe in transforming spaces into shining havens, and our commitment to excellence is evident in every service we offer. Specializing in office, doctor’s office, and Airbnb cleaning, we bring a touch of brilliance to your workplace or accommodation.

With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your space not only looks immaculate but also feels rejuvenated. Experience the Bright Star Clean difference and contact us today to discover how we can lighten your space with our outstanding cleaning services. Brighten your surroundings with Bright Star Clean!

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Our Services Across the Board

Offices Cleaning Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

Get top-notch office cleaning services in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn from the best office cleaning company. Our dedicated team ensures your office space is super clean as we pay attention to every detail. We’re proud to work with various businesses, offering customized cleaning solutions that match each client’s unique needs.

From the floors to the ceiling, our commitment goes beyond just regular cleaning. We actively contribute to creating a healthy and welcoming environment for your office. Bright Star Clean is not just any office cleaning services in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn; we’re your trusted partner in keeping your entire building clean and cozy for both clients and employees. We understand that a clean office reflects your business’s professionalism. Choose Bright Star Clean as your dedicated office cleaning partner in Brooklyn, contributing to the success and positive image of your workspace.

Doctor’s Offices Cleaning Service Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

Get acquainted with the dedicated service of Bright Star Clean through our specialized Doctor’s Offices Cleaning in Brooklyn. We understand the importance of a sanitized environment in healthcare, and our team responds with precision to every cleaning project. Therefore, we do ensure a clean and hygienic space for medical care.

Caring for the cleanliness of your doctor’s office is not just a task; it’s our commitment to contributing to a safe and welcoming space for both staff and patients. We go beyond cleaning; we take part in the overall care of the environment, promoting a healthy atmosphere. Trust Bright Star Clean to provide exceptional cleaning services that uphold the standards of your doctor’s office in Brooklyn.

AirBnb Cleaning Services Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

With our Airbnb cleaning services, you can trust that your property won’t just be clean but will also be a welcoming and cozy space for your guests. We specialize in thorough cleaning to create a pristine environment, making your property stand out. At Bright Star Clean, we understand the unique needs of Airbnb hosts, and our services are tailored to exceed those expectations.

From quick turnovers between guests to detailed cleaning projects, we respond promptly to ensure your Airbnb property is ready for the next booking. Trust us to take care of the cleaning, allowing you to focus on providing an exceptional experience for your guests.

Specialized Team of Commercial Cleaners

We proudly serve Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and its surrounding areas, dedicated to making your office or business shine. In the local community, our committed team takes pride in being the preferred cleaning guide for businesses seeking exceptional services. We understand the importance of time, and that’s why our efficient cleaners ensure a thorough job in just minutes. Our commitment is not just to clean but to meet the unique needs of our clients and local companies.

At our core, we believe in providing a gleaming environment for your business, creating a positive atmosphere for clients and employees. As locals, we take pride in supporting the community by offering reliable cleaning services tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our team to be your partner in maintaining a clean and welcoming space.

Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY

At Bright Star Clean, we understand the importance of a clean and inviting workspace for your office or business. Our dedicated team takes pride in providing top-notch cleaning services, including specialized industrial floor cleaning. Whether you need a spotless office, a fresh business environment, or a clean floor that reflects professionalism, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just cleaning; it’s about creating a healthy and productive atmosphere for your team and clients. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden costs, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Brighten up your space with our reliable services – because a clean environment is a successful environment.

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    • Chris Y.

    Excellent cleaning service, very thorough cleaning. Friendly and accommodating staff.

    • Michelle T.

    Outstanding house cleaning services. I was able to book online instantly. The cleaners were professional, and polite and they did an outstanding job.

    • Rosy G.

    Good service. The ease of booking is great. The cleaner is friendly and does a thorough job. She cleans for us every two weeks.


    Bright Star Clean is your premier commercial office cleaning service in Brooklyn NY. As a leading provider of cleaning services for commercial buildings, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our enthusiastic team understands the unique needs of businesses, and we tailor our services to ensure a spotless and inviting environment.

    With a commitment to excellence, Bright Star Clean transforms the concept of cleanliness into a remarkable experience. Whether you’re looking for a reliable provider for your commercial building or seeking a top-notch office cleaning company, we are here to deliver unparalleled results. Rely on us to bring a new level of cleanliness to your workspace and set a standard that goes beyond your expectations. At Bright Star Clean, cleaning becomes an extraordinary solution for your commercial needs in Brooklyn.

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    Choose Us for a Cleaner, Brighter Tomorrow

    We are your trusted partner, offering not just cleaning but a commitment to excellence. With specialized services like industrial floor cleaning, cleaning commercial buildings, and office cleaning in Brooklyn, we go the extra mile to ensure your space is not only spotless but also safe and inviting. Our team understands the importance of a well-maintained environment, and we customize our services to meet your unique needs.

    We bring a fresh perspective to cleaning, contributing to a brighter future for your workspace. Join us in creating a cleaner and brighter tomorrow for your business.


    Can I trust my cleaning professional?

    The cleaning professionals that we send to you are experienced and friendly cleaners – we reject nearly all applicants, only seeking to send you the best people. We believe that your trust and security come first therefore we hold your cleaning professionals to the highest standards.

    What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

    Simple! If you’re unhappy with your clean and feel as though our home cleaning professionals missed anything – email us photos and a written explanation within 48 hours and we will put it right.

    Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

    Yes. We can supply absolutely everything appropriate for the job that is booked. Our home cleaning professionals use only the most suitable products and the best equipment as required, to ensure everything is done properly.

    The only time we may not provide products is if a customer has special requests or wants us to use products and cloths that they provide.

    For all regular home cleans the customer is expected to provide the necessary equipment, which should include a vacuum cleaner and a mop and bucket.

    Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

    Yes! We use an SSL (online security technology) that ensures our website will never be compromised in any way. Any billing information we keep is stored in a secured database that also will not be compromised in any way. Your security is our #1 priority.

    Can I request something specific to be done?

    Absolutely! We love going above and beyond! Please make a note under the “Comments” section of our booking form. This may be subject to extra cost depending on the request.